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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Year 3 Collections Day

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Yesterday, all parent of Year 3 students were invited to the classroom to view the Year 3 Collections. It was one of the children's work for this term. The children were asked to bring in a collection they have at home be it a collection of toys, stones, materials, coins, books, stamps, shells or just about anything (except living things of course !) Then they categorised and make labels for each of the section and printed some facts of their collections ready to answer questions from parents.

Natasha with her Keyrings collection

Mommy & Aidan tumpang sekaki

Balquees with her pens collection

Mark with his stones collection

Saskia with her shiny papers collection

Juliet with her shells collection

Edward with his sushis collection

Joseph with his Spidermans collection

Esther with her toy animals collection


comey_lote said...

wahh..aunty ida tak tahu pun natasha kumpul keychains...kalu tak boleh aunty ida bagi..budak yg kumpul stones tu, ye ke dia punya? ke mak ayah dia punya?cam tak cayer je...dia appreciate ke mende tu...ntah2 kalau jumpa tepi jalan buat baling itik je tu...kih kih kih

J u l i a 。.゜✿ said...

ju dulu masa umur baya natasha.. sgt suka collect stamps. tapi secara mengelat.. beli ! =P

tapi bila dah form 1.. ju ada hobby collect insects pula. ju dulu duduk dlm hutan di sabah, so setiap pagi lepas bangun tidur, ada je insect baru yg "menggerunkan"

ju tangkap & inject with formalin. cari scientific name & letak dlm frame. =D butterflies pun sama.

*wah rindu zaman kecik2*

Mrs Mommy said...

Comey Lote :
Memang pun Ida bila akak tanya, dia cakap tu Daddy dia punye hehe...

Julia :
hehe ngelat ! Wah mcm best aje masa tu ye Ju ?

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