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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Mommy !

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One of my princesses' after school activity is swimming and the lessons are on Mondays. However, parents are not normally allowed to watch their children except on selected days which they called "Kijk Dag". Since it is only a half an hour lesson, I don't go home, instead, Aidan & I will wait in the restaurant nearby and when they're done, we will then pick them up from where we dropped them off.

After almost 1 1/2 years since she started her lessons, Natasha has finally been upgraded to the final level before getting her Swimming Diploma. I was so happy coz I've been waiting for this moment for quite awhile. She was the last few from her batch to move to this level. Some of them have already moved up in April this year and I was quite upset with the slow progress from Natasha. I've been nagging her about it but only lately did it sink in.

Natasha is the type of person that needs encouragement and must always be reminded of her capabilities. Whereas Alyiah is the total opposite, she dares to try new and different things, i.e. more adventurous, and has more self confidence. She just started her swimming lessons in March of this year and I am quite sure she will progress well.

I believe Natasha will now have less pressure when it comes time for her swimming lessons since I will no longer be nagging at her to perform better.

Natasha doing her underwater swimming test


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