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Monday, September 29, 2008

Eid Mubarak

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Sadly Ramadhan is coming to an end and Syawal is approaching, however as a Muslim, we should be celebrating it anyway and my family and I would like to take this opportunity to wish Eid Mubarak to everyone especially to all my blogger friend as well as to my blog's silent readers. Do accept my apologies for any wrong doings or things I said that might be offending for I've never meant it. And I wish you a safe journey to wherever your destination will be and may this Syawal give us peace and happiness.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Surprise ! Surprise !

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Yesterday at about 2:00 pm, while we were getting ready to go out, a parcel arrived for me ! It was really a surprised as I was not expecting anything. But I believed I recognised the handwriting on the box, it belongs to my dearie sister. Yippeeee !!! a parcel from Malaysia ! (jakun kejap sebab bukan selalu received parcel nie...) Apalagi macam harimau kelaparan disogok makanan, we all anak-beranak (kecuali Mr Dear, sbb control macho !) terkam dan terus buka the parcel.

Jeng..jeng..jeng..it's a kuih raya !!! aaahh bestnya..bestnya..ada jugak lah kuih raya we all tahun ni !!. Tak taulah kenapa this year I'm not in the mood to make any kuih and our preparation pun ala kadar aje...so dengan kedatangan kuih nie barulah ada semangat beraya !! Sebab tadi tak menyempat buka parcel, terlupa pulak nak snap gambar before cuma sempat ambil after aje...ada 4 jenis kuih semuanya, kuih chocolate chips, kuih suji, kuih almond London dan yang paling best, Mr Dear's favorite, kuih tart nenas.

Kuih suji dah tinggal separuh dihabiskan oleh Aidan

Untuk my lovely sis, K.Ija dan Mak tersayang, terima kasih yang tak terhingga sebab ingatkan kami disini. Kami betul-betul terharu dan sebak masa dapat kuih tu...dan terima kasih sebab telah memberi sedikit kerlipan cahaya Aidilfitri buat kami disini...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cerita hari Jumaat

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Dalam train on the way to Airport
2 minggu berturut-turut Mr Dear went away on business trip. The first week, he went to Luxembourg for 3 days and then he went to Geneva for 4 days. He came back from Geneva yesterday and since I don't have anything planned for the day, I decided to bring Aidan for a train ride to Schipol Airport to meet Mr Dear. As usual, Aidan's always on cloud nine whenever he sits on a train and you can never be bored if you are sitting next to him for he'll always question you with anything that he sees along the way or come out with all sorts of story to amuse you. The "silence" sign by the wall have never work on him.

While waiting for Daddy dear

All along, Aidan has always been "Mommy's son" but yesterday, he refused to walk, sit and be carried by me. He only wants Daddy dear. He must have missed his daddy extremely to push me aside. Mr Dear apa lagi, kembang kempis lah hidung dia, full of pride ! Nevertheless, it does not last long hehehe...Come night, he started looking for me again. Kesian pulak kat Mr Dear....itulah lain kali janganlah kerap sangat pergi outstation kan anak dah tak rapat...or....selalu-selalu lah lagi pergi outstation, biar anak rindu dan mencari...eh ! yang mana satu ni ??? Tak kisahlah.. janji setiapkali tanya Aidan "who's son are you?" dengan selamba dan pantas dia akan jawab "Mommy's son"...

Thursday, September 25, 2008


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Remember in my previous entry, I mentioned that Aidan will only starts school in January ? well, last week, I received a call from the Playschool saying that there will be a space available for him sooner than that. However, it is not within their school but in another school, except that they're in the same organisation. I was also told that one of the teacher in that Playschool is a British lady married to a Dutchman which to me is a plus point lest Aidan having difficulty adapting to dutch language. As arranged, on Friday, I went to that school and met with the teachers and was quite impressed with what I saw. The playschool had recently been renovated, have more toys, more organised and is definitely much bigger than the other playschool. Gladly, I accepted their offer and Aidan will begin his first day in that playschool on Thursday, 2nd of October.

Thus, I don't think it's any longer appropriate for us to go to the "samenspel", so yesterday, I brought Aidan to the library in town, instead. After dropping off my princesses, I went back home to pack his bag with nappies, drink and sandwiches and since the weather was quite good, I decided to cycle there. It was a nice 30 minutes cycling and chatting. Yup !! Aidan loves to talk. He can talk non-stop for hours (Natasha called him a chatter box!). In the library, he enjoyed himself all the same and does not seems to mind the difference of the venue. Here, he has 2 favorite books, World under the sea and Big Blue Train.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

22 Ramadhan

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Syukur Alhamdulillah, Mommy dengan beberapa ladies friend Mommy dah pun melaksanakan salah satu daripada tuntutan ibadah kami didalam bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini. Hasil daripada "pertemuan" kami setiap hari dari 3 Ramadhan sehinggalah semalam (22 Ramadhan), kami akhirnya "Khatam". Bukanlah niat Mommy untuk bermegah ataupun riak, cuma sekadar untuk berkongsi kegembiraan kami dan aktiviti kami disini aje. Harapan kami, insyaallah, kalau masih ada rezeki tahun depan, lebih ramai lagi teman-teman disini yang dapat ikut serta. Sambil tu, jom tengok apa yang sempat kami sediakan untuk majlis kecil-kecilan tersebut ...(bukan makan kat situ tau, tapi untuk dibawa pulang...)

Pulut Kuning & Rendang Ayam

Telur Pindang

Apam Seri Wangi & Bubur Lambuk

Dan juga ada Sambal Telur, Kek Gulung, Cucur Udang & Anggur

Kami juga telah menjemput Ustaz Naf'aan dan isteri beliau untuk bersama-sama mengakhiri dan mendoakan majlis tersebut. Mommy pun nak ambil kesempatan ni untuk mengucapkan terima kasih kepada kawan-kawan Mommy yang terlibat : K.Kamariah, K.Jie, Shereen, Ida, K.Herita & K.Liza. Semoga usaha dan niat kita diterima dan dimakbulkanNya....Amin.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Berbuka Puasa

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It has been a tradition for the Malaysian Embassy in the Netherlands, during every Saturday of Ramadhan, to host a "Berbuka Puasa & Sembahyang Terawih" for all Malaysian muslims' residing in the Netherlands. And this year was no exception but with a slight change. Due to certain reasons, instead of every Saturday, this time it was only held on the second and third Saturdays. We were fairly upset at first when we heard the announcement, as this is the time for all of us Malaysian to meet and get to know each other better but we should be grateful nonetheless the Embassy is hosting such an occasion for us.

Photos above are some of the food that were prepared by the Embasy's staff. These are the main meals served after our Maghrib prayer. I didn't get to take photos of all the "kueh" for the Iftar as I was busy entertaining my 3 stooges. By the time we finished performing our terawih, it was already 11:30 pm and my 3 stooges were very tired (of running around with other children, of course) and sleepy. They had a good time and so did I. It was nice to have the opportunity to gather and perform terawih with fellow Malaysians which gives me the being-at-home feeling.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sekolah Main-Main

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My 3 stooges getting ready for school

Aidan in front of his school

Yesterday, after dropping off my princesses, I brought Aidan to the Playschool where I've registered him. I was suppose to wait for the invitation letter from them but I could not wait any longer and decided to just walk in and ask them personally about the outcome of our application. Aidan was so excited hopping around happily when we got to the school thinking that finally he was able to go to school just like his sisters and it will definitely devastate him if they send us home given that I didn't make any appointment.

Fortunately, we got some help from one of the school assistant but apparently, at this moment there is no space for Aidan in that school until January but what they can offer now is for Aidan and I to join their "samenspel" every Wednesdays. "Samenspel" is when parents of the children from the Playschool join in with the children to play and do all other activities the children normally do. And so happened yesterday was Wednesday, so, we got to stay and join them.

Aidan did some painting and got to play with other children, eventhough they don't speak the same language yet, but they seems to enjoy each others' company and as long as Aidan is enjoying himself, I'm happy. However, I'm a bit concerned he might get the impression that I will always be there with him when he goes to his Playschool in January. But let's worry about that later.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Belajar Piano

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These photos were taken yesterday before Natasha had her Piano lesson. Normally, before the end of her lesson, her Piano teacher will give some exercise or new song for her to practice and to perform it to her in the next lesson. And thanks to her that I am now loaded with another tasks. Weekend is no longer something that I look forward to as that is the day, besides our groceries day, when I have to sit with my princesses and do with them all their school and after school lessons' homework. My weekdays are already hectic enough with their other activities and I don't think I can squeeze in any more time in between. What do uol think ? should I take up a Time Management course ?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pokok Kelapa

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Few days ago, when I was sitting in my living room bored and blanked, I realised that I didn't have any "greens" at all in this particular area. So, without hesitating, I called my friend and convinced her to accompany me to one of the Garden Centre near our place. There are many type of plants to choose from but what I need is something that is easy to look after and does not need much attention from me as water once a week is just what I can afford to give.

My friend suggested the above plant as she said it suited my criteria. I fully agreed with her for the fact that I've been eyeing on this plant for quite sometimes but I was not sure if this plant (or any plant) can survive in my house. Well, now that I've changed my mind, let's see how long this plant can lasts.

Taik Burung

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As usual this morning, a few of us ladies met up again for our routine get together. And when we finish and as we were making our way to the car, we saw one of our friend's car was half covered with bird droppings. We just could not stop laughing when she told us how embarassed it was when she has to drive the car in the highway this morning and that everybody were staring at her with a disgusting smirk. She could not clean it before as she was already late and decided to drive it anyway. And to save her from getting the same "look" on her way back, we all help to clean her car to the best that we can. Actually part of the reason why I help is because I will be driving in the same direction as her and will be trailing behind her and I don't want my car to be knowned as "the car" behind the car with the bird shit". Muahahahaha..
To Ida, if you read this, ...Ampun !!!....

Monday, September 15, 2008

My first award !!!

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Spread The Love Award

This award was given to me by my dearest friend, Ida. I was so excited when I got this award and I can say that I am very lucky to receive this award in view of the fact that I just started blogging. All the credits to Ida for giving me the inspiration to initiate this blog and for introducing me to some of her blogger friends and most of all for this particular award. And it is my honour to continue "spreading the Love" by presenting the award to :-

Kakak Degil
Mommy Aqil

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Misses to My Princesses

Ingat lagi masa kecik-kecik dulu, orang tua-tua selalu pesan, "jangan melawan cakap orang tua" , "jangan membantah", "jangan menyampuk bila orang tua bercakap", "jangan nak tunjuk pandai" dan macam-macam "jangan" lagi. Mommy pun masa tu memang takut sangat dan tak berani nak buat tu semua (tapi dalam hati tu bebal jugaklah) sebabnya kalau nak merasa lebam bekas cubit kat peha atau birat tali pinggang kat belakang badan hah cubalah...itu kalau kes beratlah tu, tapi kalau setakat "radio karat' dan "jelingan menggoda" Mak, selalu dahlah....

Tapi budak-budak sekarang nie dah tak macam dulu lagi (tak sure lah pulak kat Malaysia...). Mereka dah bebas beri pendapat dan menyuarakan ketidakpuasan hati mereka. Rasanya ini semua sebab pergaulan disini tambahan pulak disekolah pun memang digalakkan murid-murid untuk "berbahas" dengan cikgu dan menyuarakan pendapat mereka untuk setiap topik yang dibincangkan. Here, they practice two way discussions. Bagi Mommy ada eloknya jugak, sekurang-kurangnya nanti bila besar tak de lah jadi "pak turut" aje, cuma jangan sampai melampaui batas-batas adat kita dan boleh membezakan antara orang tua dan kawan, okaylah tu...

Panjang pulak intro kali nie. Sebenarnya Mommy nak cerita pasal conversation Mommy with Natasha malam tadi. Setiap kali Mommy update blog, Natasha selalu tanya apa yang Mommy tulis dan dia mesti menyebok tanya itu dan ini. Tapi malam tadi terlebih lah pulak curiosity dia, and she started asking me....

Natasha : Mommy, who is "my misses", is it me and Alyiah ?
Mommy : yes, kakak
Natasha : why did you call us "my misses"
Mommy : because "miss" means little lady and Mommy have two of them, you and Alyiah. It's plural, that's why Mommy said "my misses"
Natasha : Oh ! but why can't you just write our names ?
Mommy : then it will be difficult for Mommy coz every time Mommy has to type two different names.
Natasha : why don't you write our first name instead coz both our first names are Putri
Mommy : how can I write "My Putri", it's only referring to 1 person
Natasha : hmm...you said Putri means Princess, then you can write Princesses..."My Princesses"
Mommy : (ternganga kejap...) okay, if that's what you want...(masih cuba nak cover kebodohan diri sendiri !!!)
Natasha : tersenyum puas hati...

tapi belum sempat Mommy tarik nafas lega, dia sambung lagi...

Natasha : and Mommy ! can you write all your stories in english, then I can read and understand them better...
Mommy : Ok Kakak, Mommy will try...Mommy will try...(dengan nada sayu...)

Bertuah betul anak ni ! but anyway, she has her points correct. Dan dengan terpaksanya, lepas nie Mommy kenalah tukar ayat seperti title di atas...dan pasal entry in english tu pulak, let's see how it goes...

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Sebenarnya macam-macam aktiviti lepas sekolah yang my misses ada dari hari Isnin sampailah hari Khamis. Cuma hari Jumaat aje dorang boleh arrange playdate dengan kawan-kawan dari sekolah. Hari Isnin both my misses ada swimming lesson, hari Selasa - Piano, hari Rabu - Rainbows/Brownies dan hari Khamis - mengaji Al-Quran. Itu belum lagi activities run by the school. Penat jugaklah Mommy berkejar sana sini hantar dan ambil dorang balik, kalah pemandu Teksi rasanya. Tapi no complain, memang dah itu tanggungjawab Mommy, siapa suruh jadi HouseMom kan!!!

Tapi entry kali nie Mommy nak cerita pasal Alyiah's new activity which is Football. Few days ago, sekolah hantar list of activities for the children to choose, then Mommy pun tanya lah both misses apa activities yang dorang berminat. Natasha nak join Science Superstar Club on Wednesdays, okaylah kan. Lepas tu Mommy tanya Alyiah pulak, laju aje dia cakap dia nak join Football Club ! Biar betul budak nie !!! Mommy pun warn dia yang she might be the only girl there, tapi dia kata "I don't mind, I like football !" mmmhhh... nak buat camna kan dah dia minat...

So tadi lepas sekolah Mommy pun hantar lah dia ke football field, and luckily ada lagi sorang girl in the team so she was not the only girl, takdelah awkward sangat. Tapi sebab last minute tak sempat lagi nak beli proper attire for her, maybe next week lah kot. Anyway, Mommy sempat jugak snap 1 - 2 photos of Alyiah with her best buddy - Kasper.

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