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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Aidan Seow Putra

Nothing much I can story mory at this moment because it's Saturday ! Yup ! Saturday is our groceries day and it is when we go out from noon until quite late doing all our errands, hopping from one shop to another stocking up all our necessities for the whole coming week. This is also the day where I declare my "cuti masak day". So, normally before we leave the house we will fill up our stomach with some left over foods and don't have to worry about lunch anymore. But dinner will either be eaten out or brought home.

However, I will not leave uol with just the above boring story. I've uploaded a video of my darling Putra saying his Al-Fatihah and hope uol will be entertained. Also wishing uol a nice and peace weekend.

Cheerio !!!!


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