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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sekolah Main-Main

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My 3 stooges getting ready for school

Aidan in front of his school

Yesterday, after dropping off my princesses, I brought Aidan to the Playschool where I've registered him. I was suppose to wait for the invitation letter from them but I could not wait any longer and decided to just walk in and ask them personally about the outcome of our application. Aidan was so excited hopping around happily when we got to the school thinking that finally he was able to go to school just like his sisters and it will definitely devastate him if they send us home given that I didn't make any appointment.

Fortunately, we got some help from one of the school assistant but apparently, at this moment there is no space for Aidan in that school until January but what they can offer now is for Aidan and I to join their "samenspel" every Wednesdays. "Samenspel" is when parents of the children from the Playschool join in with the children to play and do all other activities the children normally do. And so happened yesterday was Wednesday, so, we got to stay and join them.

Aidan did some painting and got to play with other children, eventhough they don't speak the same language yet, but they seems to enjoy each others' company and as long as Aidan is enjoying himself, I'm happy. However, I'm a bit concerned he might get the impression that I will always be there with him when he goes to his Playschool in January. But let's worry about that later.


comey_lote said...

tgk aidan dlm gambar tu dah mcm budak besar lahhh...tak mcm kat luar, nampak still mcm baby...mcm tak percaya dia boleh ditinggalkan kat sekolah...tetiba je rasa sedih...huhuhu

Mrs Mommy said...

itulah, akak nie pun mcm sedih aje..lepas sorang-sorang anak tinggalkan..hehehe mcm gie jauh !!!

from comey_lote with ♥