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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TAG !!!

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Actually I have been tagged by Comey Lote and Kakak Degil , but, I have been busy lately so I'm going to tackle the one from Comey Lote first (Nonie punya K.Ila peram dulu ya !)

15 Facts About Me :

Fact 1 : Love my hubby and children very much

Fact 2 : Shortest in the family

Fact 3 : My nickname among my siblings is Cpen (short form for Si Pendek...huhu)

Fact 4 : The only one in my family with straight hair (out of 6 siblings)

Fact 5 : I was once engaged (not to my hubby) but 1 week before the wedding, I called it off

Fact 6 : Older than my hubby by 1 year

Fact 7 : Love to dance and good at it (prasan !)

Fact 8 : Have back problem

Fact 9 : Known as Kak Uda among my cousins

Fact 10 : My puppy love was with Sultan Kedah's nephew when I was in Form 4

Fact 11 : When I was young, I sold packet Nasi Lemak from house to house to help my family

Fact 12 : Short tempered

Fact 13 : All my children were born by caesarean

Fact 14 : Cannot tolerate a messy house otherwise I'll go "meroyan" (only applies to my own house ya !)

Fact 15 : Love to window shop

I don't intend to tag anyone in particular however if you are reading this blog, consider yourself tagged !!!


comey_lote said...

Nice. Thanks for diong this..hihi

kakakdegil said...

peram jadik pekasam ker kak ila?

nickname tu takbleh tahan
nak tegelak..

cpen.. hihihi

Mrs Mommy said...

Ida :
Thx to you for tagging me hehe

Kakak Degil :
Kurang sikit dari pekasam ler kot...ooohhhh dia gelakkan K.ila ye ????

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