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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2nd Session of Cooking Demo

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On Tuesday, 27 January, I had another session of cooking demo to some of the BSN Mums. This time, they requested for Mee Kari & Karipap. Most of them are expatriates and have been posted worldwide and this include Malaysia, and being such, they were quite aware of all our food back there and I was not surprised when they said that they want to learn to cook Mee Kari. I’m not sure about Karipap though, but I know when ever I brought them to school for any of the school events, they were always a hit and gone in no time.

My last cooking demo I think was somewhere in November last year and only about 7 Mums came but this time around, the numbers were doubled. No doubt I was a little bit panicky at first, not sure if I can manage a bigger crowd (I’m neither an expert in cooking nor good at public speaking), but phew !!! It went smoothly and luck was on my side, the food turned out nicely.

We have not set the next date yet, but there will definitely be another session sometime soon.


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